The art of creating images through words is a life-long practice. Crafting stories takes time, practice, persistence, and courage. You must be willing to push your writing habits beyond any self-imposed limits. You must be ready to go to new lengths and dig deep within yourself to reach the heart of your writing. Authenticity and grit are necessary for a good story. That is why I firmly believe that writing is a life-long journey meant to be shared.

As I continue working on the craft of writing, I am also creating journals to help writers at various stages of their journey. Following another passion, teaching, I provide writing seminars for classrooms and services to help you along your writing journey.

On the home-side of life, my husband and I recently celebrated 20 years of marriage! He is my biggest supporter and the strength of our family. Our teenage son is very athletic and keeps us on the move at all times.

When I’m not writing or with my family, I enjoy long walks or hikes through one of our beautiful National Parks or State Parks. Besides water and dark chocolate, tea sustains me.

Please don’t be shy, reach out and let me know how I can be of service to you.

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